Devri B.
Avoided Foreclosure
Zero cost to client


I owned a property that I was unable to sell. I was left with a mortgage I could not afford and the property was going into foreclosure.
"I was introduced to Advantage Realty through a friend of mine. Steve Young looked at my situation and made no promises to sell, but he did promise to do all he could to help me. After about a week and a half Steve called me with good news; he would be able to put my property on the market. Steve handled all the legwork, and I only came to his office to sign papers. I closed in July 2004, about 3 months after meeting Steve. I am so grateful for the support, professionalism and effort Advantage Realty & Mgmt offered in my time of need."

R. Dale F.
Real Estate Attorney
"I employed Steve Young in 2002 and 2003 for my purchases of investment properties. We successfully closed 14 houses in the Charlotte area and I was very pleased with Steve's services. He did all of the information gathering for me and presented offers in a concise and meaningful format for my consideration. I would highly recommend his services to any residential investor."
David E.
RE Broker / Owner
Lakeside Properties
"Your service and expertise in real estate investments has led me to be thrilled and prosperous in my real estate investing. From start to finish and after the sale, you and your staff are always there to help. You are honest in your recommendations and communicate with me through the entire process. I admire your professionalism and enthusiasm. The world is a much better place because of the way you handle your business. For that I am grateful."
Brian N.
Novak Development
"I want to thank you for your service and professionalism in making my last series of investment property purchases such a pleasure. Thanks to you and Karen Currey, my purchasing and closing of five investment properties in the month of December was possible. In investing, I believe you are only as good as your last deal, and I will definitely use Advantage Realty and Management in the future. I look forward to sending you more referrals because I know they will be taken care of. Your in depth research, market analysis, pro-forma statements, maps and the other information you send out on a regular basis allow me to quickly evaluate a property, place an offer, and close the deal in a timely manner"
Lance R.


"When I first started as an investor, Steve Young  was who I worked with on my first two deals. Steve did a great job and was very helpful in helping me understand how to put together an analysis to earn positive cash flow."
Ty S.
"I felt you were very knowledgeable & thorough in your research when looking at potential investment properties. I like your common sense approach, as well as the speed & accuracy w/ which you handled any challenges. I also appreciated the fact that you had contacts to help w/ the different aspects of the whole process."
Jeff W.
Woods Painting
"Thank you for the support and continued professionalism you and your staff have given me in my real estate investments. As a local charlotte businessman I have found this to be refreshing."
Dr. John B.
"Steve Young has proven himself to be an invaluable source of help and information. The opinions and information he has given me have proven to be accurate. Moreover, he has helped solve problems for me when the effort earned him nothing more than continued "goodwill" and the problems were not his responsibility"
Scot D.
Destiny Properties

Over the past year plus that I have known Steve Young, I have seen nothing but the most professional service. He has gone the extra mile in helping me to continue achieving my goals and has always made himself available to me when necessary. The main reason I work with Steve is he knows what an investor wants and he listens to what I want and sets out to give me that. I consider Steve an invaluable part of my team and will continue using him as we both become successful together.